About Hindmarsh

The electorate of Hindmarsh was named after Sir John Hindmarsh (1785-1860), who was the first Governor of South Australia. Governor Hindmarsh arrived in Holdfast Bay (now known as Glenelg) on 28 December 1836 in the Buffalo, and issued a proclamation on 28 December 1936 which announced the commencement of colonial government in South Australia.

Hindmarsh was a naval officer of the Royal Navy where he achieved the rank of Rear Admiral and was involved in many battles. After his time in Australia, he was recalled to London in 1838 and was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1851.

The electorate is located in Adelaide’s west and includes the seaside suburbs of Outer Harbor, Largs Bay, Port Adelaide, West Lakes, Henley Beach, West Beach, Fulham, Adelaide Airport, Findon, and Cheltenham, among others.